RED (db)

Fusing architecture, installation, and composition, in RED (db), two large woven wire nets hung from Roulette’s ceiling holding instruments creating a complex feedback organism. The suspended drums and double bass acted as resonant bodies intensified by the instruments simultaneously played in the space by percussionist Gerald Cleaver, bassist Brandon Lopez and Cecilia Lopez. Cecilia Lopez: Installation, […]

Machinic Fantasies

Machinic Fantasies is a performative installation based on the idea of producing a sonic and visual live “mediation process/machine”. The work utilizes multichannel video and sound spatialization techniques to augment the audience’s perception of two specific kinetic sound objects. Used as filters for sonic material, these objects, built by turning oil drums into revolving playback […]

Música mecánica para chapas

The piece is a a composition/installation for  amplified sheets of metal and a variable number of performers. These large sheets of stainless steel are rigged with piezoelectric contact microphones, which are used either as drivers or microphones. The performer’s group work is centered in the encounter between written form and improvisation. What is being investigated […]


Eardrumcluster is an installation/composition for multichannel sound, feedback and live players spatialized through resonating steel-pans. The recorded sound for the piece was created by combination and processing of two different materials. One source is comprised of tones related to the resonant frequencies of the steel drums. The other source is recordings of my ear tones […]

Sillas Sillas is a 2-channel video piece. It was recorded in 2016 at Experimental Intermedia Fundaiton in NYC. It has been showed at Outpost Artist Resources and New Latin wave Festival 2021


Composed in 2002, Copas is written for twelve crystal goblets with defined pitches. The score shows the movement that the musician has to perform with his finger over and around the circular edge of the goblet as time progresses, making an analogy with the sinusoidal wave.  The piece focuses in the interference between sounds, in the “beat […]