Aerosilla / with Carmen Baliero

/ Aerosilla (el turismo posible)           On Thursday, July 15th 2021, ISSUE Project Room & Harvestworks presented AEROSILLA (el turismo posible), a new collaborative work by New York-based composer, musician and multimedia artist Cecilia Lopez and Buenos Aires-based composer and performer Carmen Baliero. Both born in Buenos Aires, the pair have an expansive collaborative […]

Bifurcations / with Aki Onda Bifurcations, Roulette Intermedium, March 2019. Video by Art Jones Bifurcations is the first collaboration between Cecilia Lopez and composer and artist Aki Onda. Sharing a trajectory based on the use of acoustic feedback and the exploration of space through amplification, this concert was an opportunity for both artists to join forces and present a duo […]

Vigilante Margarita

Vigilante Margarita is Cecilia Lopez (voice, synthesizer and electric guitar), Guillermina Etkin (voice, piano and zither) and Cecilia Grammatico (drums and samplers). The album also features Wenchi Lazo (FOTO, Datrebil, Capitanes de la Industria) on the tracks Freezer and Pirañas. The songs on Vigilante Margarita draw from a wide variety of genres, invoking Improvisation, experimental pop and rock. […]