Aerosilla (el turismo posible)




On Thursday, July 15th 2021, ISSUE Project Room & Harvestworks presented AEROSILLA (el turismo posible), a new collaborative work by New York-based composer, musician and multimedia artist Cecilia Lopez and Buenos Aires-based composer and performer Carmen Baliero. Both born in Buenos Aires, the pair have an expansive collaborative history that spans decades. 





Aerosilla is an exercise about possible ways of traveling the world in extremely constrained conditions.

“Distance” is the subject of the piece; distance between the collaborators, distance between the places that we can’t reach and distance with the audience. We look closely, almost short-sighted, at two-dimensional landscapes and imagine being there, entering them, trying to travel, listen and look around. Sound and music are used to create a theatrical narrative that brings time and dimension to what otherwise would be static images.

Turismo, una costumbre de clase. The postcards, selected from a random household collection, function as a map and a testimony of a family’s travel choices. Distance, beyond linear space, entails difference, disparity, parallel and synchronic realities. It’s summer in New York; it’s winter in Buenos Aires. It’s winter in Buenos Aires and summer in New York. Things are better here and worse there, worse there and better here.