Vigilante Margarita

 Photo: Carrie Schneider 

Vigilante Margarita is Cecilia Lopez (voice, synthesizer and electric guitar), Guillermina Etkin (voice, piano and zither) and Cecilia Grammatico (drums and samplers). The album also features Wenchi Lazo (FOTO, Datrebil, Capitanes de la Industria) on the tracks Freezer and Pirañas. The songs on Vigilante Margarita draw from a wide variety of genres, invoking Improvisation, experimental pop and rock. The band was active in the underground Buenos Aires Scene between 2009-2015.


On November 15th, 2013, the Argentinean trio Vigilante released its eponymous debut 10 track EP. After presenting the album nationally, the band went on a US tour for February and March 2015


The record is an independent production by Vigilante Margarita and Pablo Barros, who was also the recording and mixing engineer. The recording process took place between the months of March and April of 2013 at Estudios ION and DDR Recordings (Buenos Aires). Drew Cappotto made the master at Vérité Sound (New York). 


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