RED – Installation

  RED, is a work investigating interactions with unstable acoustic feedback systems. Because the piece works as a cluster of sonic feedback that is sensitive to its surroundings, the sounds and movements in the space affect and shape the sonic result. This kind of exploration invites performers and audiences into the space, where they both […]

 3-Channel video/sound installation (untitled)

This piece is an immersive 3-channel video and sound installation, composed in 2016 with video and sound recordings of a kinetic sound sculpture. This is an object that consists of an oil drum mounted on a frame that allows it to be spun. It has a speaker inside that is used to play music and […]


Eardrumcluster is an installation/composition for multichannel sound, feedback and live players spatialized through resonating steel-pans. The recorded sound for the piece was created by combination and processing of two different materials. One source is comprised of tones related to the resonant frequencies of the steel drums. The other source is recordings of my ear tones […]