3-Channel video/sound installation (untitled)

3-channel installation (untitled), Fridman Gallery, NYC. January 2016 

This piece is an immersive 3-channel video and sound installation, composed in 2016 with video and sound recordings of a kinetic sound sculpture.

This is an object that consists of an oil drum mounted on a frame that allows it to be spun. It has a speaker inside that is used to play music and sound, which is filtered by the spinning of the machine. The barrel is moved by hand and that movement shapes the sound that is being played from the inside. The content is filtered through the machine several times, each one with a different spinning rate. The footage is edited synching the source material so that the simultaneous movements of the barrels are exposed.

Running time: 39 minutes loop.

3-channel installation (untitled), video extract 

Photos: Phoebe d’Heurle, Fridman Gallery, NYC.  


3-channel installation(untitled), Red Hook, NY, 2016