RED – Performance

 Photo: Art Jones. RED at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC. March 2015

RED, is a work investigating interactions with unstable acoustic feedback systems. Because the piece works as a cluster of sonic feedback that is sensitive to its surroundings, the sounds and movements in the space affect and shape the sonic result. This kind of exploration invites performers and audiences into the space, where they both affect and are affected by the sound phenomena. Sound is modulated by “presence” and “touch” and occupies the space as acoustic architecture. In a performance context, these devices challenge the idea of control between the performer and the electronic instrument. They are systems that seem to have some independence, or even life on its own proposing an alternate  “organic” electronic logic.


RED has been performed at ISSUE Project Room (New York, USA), The Kitchen (New York, USA), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway), Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Festival Punto de Encuentro organized bu the Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España (Bilbao-Madrid-Valencia, Spain),  send + receive festival (Winnipeg, Canada) and Experimental Intermedia Foundation (New York, USA), Stony Brook University (USA), among others

Photos: Cameron Kelly courtesy of ISSUE Project Room

Cecilia Lopez – RED at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY. February 2017

Cecilia Lopez – RED at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC. March 2015I